Halloween is Life


October is rumored to be the most haunted month of the year. Legends tell that on Halloween the line between the living and the dead gets thin, and the dead can cross over. Pumpkins are carved, and people dressed up as monsters to keep the spirits away. Many of the old traditions are still used today, but some have been forgotten and no longer used. 

While Halloween has been a well-celebrated holiday, it is also my favorite holiday. Dressing up and getting candy are bonuses on why Halloween is my favorite holiday. The decorations and lights that people put up make October beautiful. 

I love the different electronic ghosts and zombies that people put up. Halloween wouldn’t be the same if people didn’t get in the mood. The lights and carved pumpkins are just one of the ways that people celebrate Halloween. 

I think that Halloween should be a month celebration instead of one night. October could have a designated activity for every day, like carving pumpkins or movie nights. 

One day a year where people can dress up doesn’t seem like a fair deal. It is not socially acceptable to wear a costume during the year except for Halloween. I can’t dress up as a werewolf in the middle of June, or I would be called a creep. 

I hate when adults give my friends and me dirty looks for trick or treating. I could be vandalizing property or throwing an illegal party. Instead, I am walking around with my friends in a costume having fun and asking people for free candy.