Tigers Fall To Ringwood

Ethan Foster
Josh Edwards makes his move downfield while Trevor Ross makes a block.

On Thursday, September 26, the Tigers played their fifth game of the season. The Tigers received the ball to start the game off. 

The Tigers were unable to score on their first drive. Ringwood was able to score on their drive. The Tigers were not able to put the ball in the endzone in the first quarter, but they held Ringwood from scoring also. 

During the end of the second quarter, the Tigers finally managed to punch the ball into the endzone. Ringwood ran the Tiger’s kickoff back for a touchdown. Then Ringwood stopped the Tiger’s drive and scored one last time in the first half.   

During the third quarter, the only time the Tigers managed to score was when they got a safety on Ringwood. The Tigers managed to shut down any drive Ringwood had during the third quarter. 

In the fourth quarter, the Tigers were not able to put any points on the scoreboard. Ringwood was able to make one more touchdown. 

The score at the end of the game was Canton 10 and Ringwood 25. After the game both teams met in the middle of the field to pray.