Spider-Man: Far From Home Review

"Super Heroes: Spider-man" by Arian Noveir is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

In Spider-Man: Far from Home Peter Parker’s vacation is interrupted by Nick Fury recruiting him for a mission. Peter has to fight four elemental creatures, each creature representing earth, fire, water, and air. He has to put on the spidey suit again to help a new superhero called Mysterio stop the evil creatures from destroying Earth.

I liked this movie a lot because the story flowed well and was always interesting. I never got bored. The movie barely gave Spider-Man a chance to relax. He was always doing something in the movie.

Parker tries to impress and gain the attention of his crush, MJ. At the same time, he is trying to be there for his friends. He is having a relaxing time on a trip until Nick Fury shows up and says that they have a major problem that requires his help.

Parker is balancing all this throughout the movie, which is how Spider-Man should be, never having enough time for his family and friends but also having to be a hero when he really is not ready to be.

This movie captures all that really well.

Tom Holland who plays as Peter Parker in this movie was great in this role and I would love to keep seeing him play as Spidey for a  long time.