Pedestrians Beware–I Am Mobile

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It’s weird being one of the youngest kids in my class and getting my driver’s license before everyone else. On September 29, I turned 16 and two days later I went and took my driver’s test. 

Taking a test that is this important is very nerve-racking, especially with a stranger riding in the passenger seat. There are a couple of different ways for a person to get his or her license. A person can take drivers ed, take a written test, or wait until age 17 and take the permit test. After that, there is a wait before taking the actual drivers test.

I did drivers ed during the month of March and took 6 hours of class time the first day, and 4 the next to get the necessary 10 hours. After that, I had to take a written test there so I didn’t have to take it when I went to get my license. 

When I took my test on September 30th, I was so nervous, and I felt like I would forget everything. I second-guessed myself, and I had to redo my parallel parking. The first time was perfect, but I didn’t think it was right, so I got points taken off, and that hurt my score. When I took my test, I needed to pass with 75%, and I passed with a 78%.

When it was all said and done, the driving instructor and my dad talked, and he told my dad what all we did and what I messed up. As soon as I put the car in the park after I finished driving, I had some huge weight lifted off my shoulders, but hey at least it’s all over and I am now mobile!