Clothing Items Every Student Needs


Do you ever wake up in the morning and not know what to wear or not have any idea of what you have in your closet? There are some items that all high school students need to have so they do not get judged.
“There are some clothes kids can live without but some that you can not live without,” sophomore,, Madison Rauh, said.
High school students are always stressed and uncomfortable in their desks. Sweatpants really help students to get comfortable even when sitting in those hard desks. Sweatpants are also a very good choice of clothing for students who wake up late and need to throw something on.
Nice Jeans
There is always certain special occasions for students, therefore, a pair of nice jeans would be perfect for someone who does not want to wear a suit or a dress. Jeans are also somewhat comfortable. Looking nice and being comfortable is a win-win.
Classrooms are mostly always cold, no matter the time of year. A hoodie always keeps someone warm while they are trapped inside a cold classroom. Hoodies also make a really good pillow.
There are many shoes to wear socks with. No one wants to be “that kid” who does not wear socks with his or her shoes. Socks also are comfortable and keep feet warm.
Tennis shoes
There are tons of outfits to wear tennis shoes with. Tennis shoes can be worn with the previously listed must have items. Tennis shoes are also great if someone is in sports and forgets they have to run outside after school, and they do not want to make a coach mad. Grab those tennis shoes you wore to school and get to running.