Halloween Ideas

Halloween is a holiday when most teenagers throw wild parties and vandalize stuff. Some teens stay over at their friend’s house and hang out, or gorge themselves sick on candy. Other teens stay at home, bored, as parents take the younger kids trick or treating. This is a list of all the things that can be done in October. 

Make Treats for Friends and Family

Different treats like caramel apples, brownies, and ghostly cupcakes can leave everyone happy and sugar-loaded. Always remember to never give trick or treaters homemade treats, their parents will throw them away. 

Challenge the Neighbors to a Decoration War

Nothing means more than fighting the neighbors to see who can decorate their house and yard better than the other person.  It also looks really cool to watch a house get more and more decorations every day until Halloween. 

Watch Movies That Could Make Skin Crawl

The best kind of movies are the ones that can be watched at three in the morning and leave the watcher terrified to sleep for a few days. 

Play Halloween Music So Loud The Neighbors Can Listen to it

Annoy the neighbors with loud Halloween music, but don’t play the music loud enough to get the police called.