Five Body Parts Commonly Overlooked in the Shower

or just in the bathroom in general


Luke Foster

Lint in a belly button is never good.

People are sometimes lazier in the morning than at any other time during the day. This is recognizable by the smell and look given off by some of them. Some people may be clean and smell great, while others make their classmates want to curl up in a ball and die. Somebody needs to tell these students that the shower was created for a reason. With this in mind, let’s deal with a few shower pointers to help mankind.

1. Armpits
Nobody wants to smell anybody else’s armpits, but sadly, it happens anyway. However, a simple three steps can be taken to change this. 1. Grab the body wash, 2. Use the body wash on the stinky armpits, and 3. Wash it down with water. If they are washed, they won’t stink, and standing around other people might be possible without all the dirty looks and groans those near are bound to give.

2. Legs and Toes
Spoiler Alert! The water and soap that run down to your legs after they have been wiped all over your body do not make them clean. The gunk stuck between your toes is still there and will remain until they are cleaned. Dirty feet and legs are extremely gross and noticeable. Nobody wants to see them. Just wash your legs and feet.

3. Bellybutton
If you don’t wash this you’re a monster. .

4. Mouth
Mouthwash doesn’t always do the job. Just because it takes another two minutes to brush your teeth, doesn’t mean it’s hard or time-consuming. In the long run, it’s well worth it. Seeing what people had to lunch is not something anyone compliments, but if you have good dental hygiene they might be able to compliment what you’re wearing instead.

5. Behind Your Ears
Build-up exists people, come on. Nobody has a fetish for the dirty gunk that is built up behind your ears. Same for the ear wax in your ears. If ear wax is visible OUTSIDE of your ears, you’ve got a problem. It is not hard at all to clean your ears and to wash behind them too, it doesn’t even take 30 seconds in the shower to get this done. Just stop being lazy and wash your ears.