Joker: Best DC Movie Ever?

"Why so serious" by Minu Pilvankar is licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0

Arthur Fleck is a failed comedian and forever alone in a crowd. He is looking for a real connection as he walks through the city of Gotham. A mentally unstable Arthur is mistreated and disregarded by society.

The hatefulness in society that Arthur faces everyday brings him more and more physical and emotional trauma and eventually leads him to his alter-ego, “The Joker.”

After a group of people beat up Arthur in an alleyway, his friend lends him a handgun for protection. While Arthur is doing a clown act in a children’s hospital,  the gun falls out of his costume. 

Arthur’s friend lies and says that Arthur brought the gun himself, and Arthur is then fired. Arthur is already descending into madness and being cut off from his medication and the people around him being hateful makes it worse.

I really loved this movie because it showed Arther’s insane mentality. It was really dark and disturbing, and the acting from Joaquin Phoenix was amazing. It was the first time in my life that I was actually excited to see a DC movie instead of Marvel movie.