Canton Students Compete in Watonga Cheese Festival


On October 11, 2019, sixteen high school students and five elementary students competed in the Watonga Cheese Festival. Fourteen high schoolers and four elementary students placed in their category.  

In the  Main Dish category, Kalissa Wile placed second, Garret Hough placed third, Peyton Lee placed fourth, and Courtney Thompson placed fifth. 

In the Vegetable category, Alyssa Sutton placed first. 

In the Bread category, Billie Cajero placed first, Jadine Chevenka placed third, Paige Robinson placed fourth, and Harper Jones placed fifth. 

In the Dessert category, Kylie Carrasco placed second, Samantha McEachern placed third, Hanna Hoffman placed fourth, and Devon Reilly placed fifth.   

In the Cheese Snack category, Carlie Smith placed second, and Reylon Chalepah got an honorable mention.   

In the Salad category, Hanna Sullins placed first and Allie Smith placed fifth.