Choir Students Selected for FCCLA Ensemble


Brianna Ross and Abby Smith have been selected to be in the FCCLA ensemble. They will be performing at the FCCLA State Convention, FACS Day at the state capital, and at the Thunder game on April first.
Before the students could be selected, they had to send in a video of themselves doing a scale of their vocal range, singing America the Beautiful, and performing a song of their choice. They were judged on the control of their voice, pitch, breathing, and rhythm.
“I was shook because compared to all the other voices in the state, I never thought I had a chance,” Abby Smith, junior, said.
Only eleven students throughout the entire state were selected to be in the FCCLA ensemble. Numerous schools sent in audition videos. Only 8 schools were selected. Canton and Timberlake were the only schools with two students selected.
“I started freaking out. I immediately texted Mrs. Clark to tell her about the good news. I couldn’t believe that out of the entire state, I was selected to be a part of the ensemble. It was amazing,” Brianna Ross, junior, said.