The movie Rufus was released in 2012. The movie starts with a teenage boy named Rufus standing on the side of a road with an old woman. The woman steps out onto the road with no warning and gets hit by a truck. The scene changes to the police talking to the truck driver. Hugh Wade, the sheriff, takes Rufus to his house to stay until everything gets cleaned up. 

Rufus meets Tracy, a girl his age, and they become friends. It doesn’t take long for Tracy to find out that Rufus is a vampire. Clay, Tracy’s ex-boyfriend, tries to assault Tracy resulting in Rufus scratching Clay’s face. Rufus meets up with Clay and heals the scar on Clay’s face, afterward the two become friends. 

A man named Aaron Van Dusen is tracking Rufus down because Rufus is a vampire. Dusen tries to tell Hugh that Rufus belongs to him because Rufus could help expand modern medicine and science. Hugh tells Van Dusen to leave town and to stay away from Rufus. 

Van Dusen ignores Hugh and meets up with Rufus, and tells him that he is hurting people and he needs to come back with him. Rufus, who feels like he has been hurting people, agrees to go with Van Dusen. When Jennifer Wade, Hugh’s wife, comes home to Van Dusen and Rufus packing his belongings, she tells Rufus to go outside. 

When Rufus leaves, Jennifer tells Van Dusen to get out of her house and leave Rufus alone, Van Dusen loses his temper and shoves her against a dresser, causing Jennifer to hit her head. Van Dusen tries to apologize, but Rufus saw the whole thing and mauls Van Dusen. The movie ends with Rufus getting on a school bus with Tracy. 

The movie has a few scenes of gore but the most disturbing scene was an old photo of Rufus with his chest cut open as he screams in pain. The movie was great, but the actors could have given a little more emotion. Overall the movie is a 7 out of 10.