Five Best Things to Make in Mrs. Haub’s Class


There are many things that students can make in Mrs. Haub’s FACS class. Mrs. Haub’s class can be fun. Students make useful or delicious things in her FACS class.
“I like cooking and I feel like Mrs. Haub’s FACS class is getting her students prepared for what the future will be like,” sophomore, Hopelin Hood, said.
Here are some of the best things that students have made or are planning on making.

1. Pillows
Mrs. Haub teaches students the basics of a sewing machine by showing them how to make pillows. The students start by picking out the fabric that they want to use. After sewing the fabric together, they stuff it. She lets the students take the pillow home when they are done.
2. Sugar cookies
Students have made sugar cookies in Mrs. Haub’s class for the elementary students. Class members each got one cookie out of the batch they made. They were very soft and sweet.
3. Cheesecake
The students had to get into groups to make anything they wanted. One group chose strawberry cheesecake. It took awhile to make, but it was worth the wait. After it was done, they ate all of it. It was sweet and delicious.
4. Salsa
All of the students made salsa in Mrs. Haub’s class to sell at the football games. Each students got to keep some for themselves. There were different recipes, some weren’t spicy at all and some were very spicy.
5. Fruit Pizza
Someone came up with a really great idea to make fruit pizza in Mrs. Haub’s class. It was really easy to make. After it was done, students got to take a couple pieces home. It was sweet, sour, and really good.