Top Five Overrated Halloween Costumes

Everyone knows those people who wear the lame and cliche’ costumes every year. The most used costumes are usually from famous movies or animals that people love, like cats. Females are notorious for wearing overrated costumes. Here are the top 5 overrated Halloween costumes.

1. Kitty Cat 

One of the worst costumes to be worn is the skin-tight cat bodysuits. From the fuzzy ears to the high heels, this costume has been scaring kids for generations. 

2. Harley Quinn

Do I really have to say it? The last two years the streets were filled with pink and blue colored hair and short shorts with fishnet leggings. Almost every adult female has worn this costume last year or the year before. 

3. Red Riding Hood

Nothing screams “Halloween” like a grown woman wearing a red cape and having her boyfriend wear a wolf suit. Why do people dress up as a weak female who in the original story gets eaten by the wolf? Who knows? I certainly don’t. 

4. Cheerleader

We get it, cheerleaders are great for schools, but not for costumes. A crop top with a short colored skirt only looks good on school cheerleaders, not on 30-year-old parents wanting to relive their youth. 

5. Princess 

 Princesses went out of style years ago. Only little girls look cute wearing a Cinderella dress and fairy wand. A really cool way to spice up the princess costume is to splash fake blood all over it. 

There are many costumes that are cliche, but anything with a dress is usually overused. Cliche costumes are always going to circle around and be overused. People need to add their own creativity to overused costumes to make them actually look good.