Small Schools are Great


Every time I go to a camp or event that has students who go to a big school, they are always surprised by how small our school is. They always say it would suck to go to a school this small. It really isn’t that bad and here’s why:

The teachers know you
Teachers will understand more things about you. They know who your parents are, what activities you participate in, and what food allergies you might have. Teachers learn your name instead of just seeing you and teaching. They have probably had your older siblings in class too.

It is easy to make friends
It is easier to know people in the school and get to know them better. Once you get a friend, you are pretty much stuck with them. Everyone sticks up for everyone in the school, even if they don’t really like each other.

Hands-on learning
There is a lot more hands-on learning in smaller schools. Teachers only have to prepare for a few students instead of hundreds of students. In bigger schools, it would cost more to do things.

Less crowded hallways
The hallways aren’t very crowded, it’s just the 7th graders not knowing what to do. The hallways are almost empty when there is a school event because a lot of people are involved in events so barely anyone is at school.

It is easier to make memories
Not many things happen, so you remember the big things that happen.One example would be winning the homecoming game.