Tips and Tricks for Mario Kart Tour

There are some big changes that some Mario Kart veterans need to know before jumping into Tour. The game plays differently from the usual console and handheld versions of Mario Kart. There are some simple ways to help increase scores no matter if you are a novice or old school Mario Kart player.


  1. Mario Kart Tour uses login bonuses that you can get every day. Taking advantage of this is very easy, all it takes is a few taps. 
  2. Do not worry about falling off the track, there are invisible walls. Your driver will be slowed down though, so you should still try to drive on the track.
  3. Play Coin Rush if you need some coins. This is a quick and fast way to up the amount of coins you have.
  4. Swipe up when you go off a ramp or get any kind of air. When you do this your character will do a trick and that will make you gain boost. 
  5. Play in high CCs to earn more points. Mario Kart Tour will have you racing at 50 cc by default. If you are looking to earn more points, increase the CC in your races.
  6. Turn off Auto-Item, doing this will keep your item that you have when you drive through a box instead of instantly using it.
  7. Do not quit if you think you are not going to be in first place. You still earn points no matter what place you come in.
  8. Do not keep racing on the same course over and over again. It is easy to master a course and want to play it a lot, but you will earn more EXP if you play different courses.
  9. Drift as much as you can. Drifting allows you to clear sharp turns and corners and gives you points for doing it long enough. 
  10. You can swipe down if you have a throwable item to throw it backwards. This is most useful if you are in first place and someone is right behind you.