Nicotine Addiction Rises

Nicotine addictions are becoming a real problem in highschools, and in some cases, students are vaping in the bathrooms and classrooms. 

According to the American Lung Association, 25.3% of high school students have a nicotine addiction. 7.4% of middle school students have a nicotine addiction. 

Vaping is an increasing trend among teens with the use of e-cigarettes doubling since 2017. 

Nicotine increases blood pressure, pulse rate, and causes the blood vessels in the body to contract. 

If someone wants to stop using nicotine, they may suffer withdrawals. Common nicotine withdrawal symptoms include feeling sad or irritated, craving nicotine, or having trouble sleeping. 

“Nicotine addictions are a pretty sad state of affairs that tobacco industries market young people because nicotine is addictive. My dad died of lung cancer and I see what it does to the body,” Mrs.Bromlow, art teacher, said.