Forever 21 Faces Trouble

In September 2019, Forever 21 filed for bankruptcy and will be closing 300-350 stores worldwide, and over 200 in the United States.   

“When I go shopping there I usually find cute stuff. My mom usually goes there to find perfume, so she’ll have to find a different place to get that,” Hanna Sullins, sophomore, said. 

Forever 21, is a store that sells anything from trendy clothes to room decorations and has been hit for teens and pre-teens for the past thirty years. Forever 21 is a store known for its quick fashion and affordable clothes.  

“I’m a little unbothered, but they did have so pretty cool stuff there.” Braxton Thompson, sophomore, said. 

“I’ll just have to find another place to find trendy affordable clothes because their stuff isn’t that expensive and it is really cute.” Kendi Humbargar, junior, said.   

Forever 21 has faced multiple lawsuits in the past from brands like Gucci and celebrities like Ariana Grande. Ariana Grande sued the company for ten million dollars after the company used 30+  photos of her without her consent.