Meet Solomon Vargas

Tell me about yourself.

“I am 16, and I like to play video games and watch YouTube. My role model is my mom.”

What is your favorite class and why? 

“My favorite class is FACS, because it is the most fun and interactive”

Who is your favorite teacher and why? 

“My favorite teacher is Mrs. Haub because she is very nice, and I have never heard her yell before.”

What do you want to do after high school? Why? 

“I want to go to college, and become an engineer of some kind.”

What is a saying or expression that you probably say too much?

“I think I say, ‘Oh my God,’ too much because the things people do blow my mind.”

What motivates you to come to school? What if we had a longer school day? 

“What motivates me about coming to school is seeing my friends and how fast the school day goes by.”

What is one of your life goals?

“To earn at least 100k a year hopefully.”

What’s the best thing about getting older? What’s the worst?

“The best thing is noticing how fast the days go by for school, but the worst is having a lot of responsibilities hit you in the face at once.”

What is the first thing that you judge about a person that you have just met? Why is that? 

“Probably how someone smells because if you smell bad or weird, I do not want to be near you.”

Which class do you struggle the most in? Why?

“Science, because it is the most confusing to me.”

What takes up too much of your time?

“Probably being on YouTube, because I could be on YouTube for hours.”