Canton Putting Safety First


Canton Public Schools has made some new improvements to our campus. Most recently, 44 security cameras have been purchased, as well as security key cards for the exterior doors.

Every student and faculty member will have a card that has a code. When people use the key card, they will hold it up to the scanner. The scanners are programed to each door lock. When the sensor detects that someone is trying to get in with the code, the door will unlock and that person will be let in.

In the morning, the doors will be programmed to unlock from 7:30 to 8:15. The students coming back from Career Tech at 11:25 to 11:45 will be coded to allow them access at that time. Junior high athletics is during high school lunch, so when they get out, the doors will unlock as well. When school gets out at 3:33, the doors will unlock from 3:30 to 3:45 for any students who forget something and have to come back.

“The key cards make the school seem more locked down, but personally I don’t mind the key card system. In a sense, the new system makes it hard for “school invaders” to get in since the doors are primarily locked,” Brooks Martin, junior, said.

Numbers are issued to the students. Each student has a number assigned to them so that the system can tell who is coming into the building. School officials will look into it if something happens and they need to identify somebody.

In case of an emergency, certain teachers have access to lock or unlock the doors from their phones.

Students’ first card will be issued at no cost to the student.

“I think that the key cards have no point to them. If someone wanted to get into the school that bad, they would find a way and not all doors even have them. The security cameras on the other hand, I think have a better meaning to it. I feel like that should help with the bullying issues we are claimed to have. Overall, I think it’s unnecessary,” Brianna Ross, junior, said

There are 44 cameras between the elementary and highschool building as well as some outside. There will be no cameras in the classrooms. The school has not had working cameras for the past 4 years.

“It is nice and it also ensures safety. It is nice to have the buzz-in system, because say if I was using the restroom or heating up my lunch, I couldn’t see who walked in, but now they would have to wait for me to get back so I can let them in. The system is not very complicated. It’s very simple because there are only two buttons that the substitute would have to use,” Suzanne Mcvicker, high school secretary, said.