Students Attend Annual Veterans’ Day Assembly


On November 11, 2019, Canton Public Schools held its annual Veterans Day assembly. Caden Koehn, Student Council President welcomed everybody who came.

“I think it’s important to remember the people who fought for our freedom and to remember the struggles they went through for us,” Alexis Beckner, junior, said.

The Pre-k and Kindergarten classes sang “March of the Wee American”. The Canton Boy Scouts presented the flags. Pre-k and Kindergarten led the Pledge of Allegiance, then the High School Choir sang the Star-Spangled Banner.

The first and second grade sang “American Everyday”, and the third and fourth sang “Battle Hymn of the Republic”.

Aletheia McIntosh, Imiyah Littlejohn, Noah Ross, Claire Elder told us about the history of Veterans Day.

The fifth and sixth-grade choir sang “Our Nation”. After that, the boys left the stage and let the girls sing In the “Heart of America”.

Brianna Ross, Caden Koehn, and Beau Fuqua, Student Council officers, introduced the veterans.

Mike Castillo announced the Voice of Democracy Essay winners. Third place was Taylor Dowell, 2nd place was Brianna Ross, and 1st place was Beau Fuqua.

Patriot Pen winners were third-place Zada Sherwood, second place Aletheia McIntosh, and first place Addison Smith.

Junior and high school choir group sang “American Tears”, and all grades pre-k through sixth grade sang “Armed Forces Medley”.

Jason Wallace, high school principal, closed the ceremony and released everyone.

“It supports our veterans when they could be having a hard time because of the things that they have seen. When they risked their lives for us, the least we could do is give them one day,” Deuce Johnson, sophomore, said.