TikTok Takes Over

TikTok is a rapidly growing trend for teenagers this year. TikTok is an app to make minute long videos of lip-syncing, dancing, singing, or just being funny.  Students are obsessed with the app.

“I use TikTok because it’s fun and it helps me experience new dances and makes me come across new songs,” Hopelin Hood, sophomore, said. 

Students have downloaded the app because it is free and easy to use. Students sometimes use the app to pass time and watch funny and catchy videos. 

In addition to Tik Tok being a way for students to record and share videos, it has also dictated current trends and styles. 

TikTok has brought out a lot of trends like the “VSCO” girl. A “VSCO” girl is a girl who wears oversized t-shirts, scrunchies, carries around a hydro flask, uses the app VSCO to edit pictures, and says, “And I oop,” and “Sksksk.”

TikTok also brought out the e-girl and e-boy, which are inspired by emo themes of 2000s clothing. Their opposites are soft girls and boys who wear light colors and show a “sensitive” side. Their manners are different too, from eye-rolling e-boys and nose-scrunching soft boys. 

Students’ style of clothing has changed since the app gained popularity. Comfier clothes, crocs, and chokers are worn more. Metal straws and all-black clothing with chains are also more popular. 

TikTok has taken over highschool trends. Look in the hallways between classes, and a few students will be dressed like e-girls and VSCO girls.