American Horror Story Review

I was introduced to American Horror Story by one of my friends. I started watching season 3, “Coven”, and it is one of the best TV series that I have watched. American Horror Story does not go in any order. Anyone can start on any season and end on any season. 

The first episode starts with a girl named Zoe who accidentally kills her boyfriend because she is a witch. Zoe’s parents send her to a coven for witches. The coven houses young witches to learn how to control their powers. 

My least favorite episode is episode 8. A super Christan mom, Joan Ramsey, moves in next door to the coven. Luke, Joan’s son, talks to one of the witches named Madison. The mom goes nuts and calls her son unclean. Joan puts what looks like drain cleaner into a water pack and forces him to be clean from the inside out. When that happened I was sitting in silent horror. Episode 8 made me want to shrivel up and die. 

My favorite episode is 12 because of the voodoo king, Papa Legba. Papa Legba is the voodoo king who will make deals with people in exchange for their souls. The witch with the most power and influence, Fiona, tries to sell her soul for immortality. Papa Legba informs Fiona that she has no soul to sell and he disappears. 

American Horror Story season 3 has kept me busy after school when I have nothing else to do. I  finished season 3, and I plan to start on season 1. American Horror Story is awesome for people who like creepy or diabolical acts.