When Is Too Early To Decorate For Christmas

“Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree. You’re out before Thanksgiving.” ♪ 

Although Christmas isn’t celebrated by everyone, the majority of people do. Not only is it celebrated, but some people really go all out. 

There are some people in the world who believe that Christmas decorations should be put up in December only. In their dark minds, Christmas only deserves one month and if it overshadows Thanksgiving, it should be considered a crime. 

Those people typically don’t do a lot of decorating in the first place. They might put up a singular tree, maybe put “a lil’ sum’ sum’” on their mantle, but not too much, they’re just keeping it subtle. Although I don’t understand their dark ways, I sort of respect their opinion on the situation.

There are also people, such as my family, who go for the whole “Hallmark Christmas”, with approximately seven Christmas trees, string lights, Santa Claus portraits, outdoor decor, and seasonal knick-knacks scattered around the house. 

Each child’s room gets adorned with a tree, complete with decorations and a topper. 

Personally, I find Christmas the happiest time of the year, so I don’t know why people wouldn’t want to make the Christmas season longer. 

Some people wonder why I extensively decorate, but I have a simple answer, my Christmas decorating addiction began when I was very young. It is entirely my mom’s fault because she always played the Hallmark movies, went over-the-top with decorating, and put up the decoration about half-way through November. 

I will indefinitely continue harassing the eyes of others with my intense Christmas decorating and will undoubtedly pass my decorating addiction to my children, but they will have to get over that.