Memes Are Great Life is Not

Memes are pictures that are relatable or funny in some way. Memes have helped me out of many depressing or stressful situations. Some of the best memes I look at when I am sad are dark humor memes. Dark humor memes can be anything that people may find upsetting. My favorite memes are usually the notorious Spongebob memes. 

Some of the best places to get memes are IFunny, MemeDroid or Reddit. Many meme sites are filled with people with toxic opinions and inappropriate content. People who look at, make, or save memes are called meme masters. I am a meme master. My phone is filled with memes that I never use but can’t stand to delete. 

Memes have been around for years and they still manage to brighten my day. I spend a few hours a day looking through memes and sending memes to my friends and family. When I get bored of the memes I have saved, I will delete them and find more to save. 

Some memes last a long time and others get lost after a few days and never used again. Old memes sometimes filter back into the light of day in a new format that works. 

I use memes to fill the void of my soul. Memes are the only thing that makes me feel alive in this dismal world, but I still have fun. I love to share memes with whoever will let me show them off.