Meet The Tigers

The Canton Tigers 2019 basketball team consists of sixteen players. Coach Rich is the head coach for the Tigers this season with Coach Baldwin as his assistant coach. This year’s manager for the Tigers is Billy Cajero.

“We’ll only be as good as how we play defense, and how we shoot the ball,” Coach Rich, head coach, said.

The Tigers have seven seniors this year. Josh Edwards, Andre Crawford, Devin Blood, Nate Bates, Jared Cox, Shy Cauble, and Claysen Scott. The juniors this year are Cody Conrady, Brooks Martin, and Ethan Foster. The sophomore this year is Nathan Janda. The freshmen this year are C.J. Webb, Connor Cox, Luke Foster, Hudsen Scott, and William Mcintosh.

“I think we’ll get a good season, and hope we make it to state,” Andre Crawford, senior, said.

The starting lineup for this season is Claysen Scott, Josh Edwards, Jared Cox, Nate Bates, and Devin Blood. The Tigers’ first game will be on Tuesday, December 3rd, at Okeene.