Top 10 Most Disappointing Games Ever


1. No Man’s Sky – This game was possibly the most overhyped video game of 2016. No Man’s Sky was space exploration adventure promising endless planets full of diverse creatures and plant life, and an engaging story pulling you to the center of the universe. In reality, most if not all the planets looked identical and some of the randomly generated plants and animals looked deformed. There were many errors and crashes on day one.
2. Sonic The Hedgehog (2006) – There were plenty of bad signs when they made this game. The first one was when the head of the production team resigned. After that the production team for this game split in half. One half would work on this game and the other half would work on a completely different game. After the game was released there were long loading times, physics glitches, and ways to skip parts of the game. Some people say this is the worst game ever made.
3. Fallout 76 – This was also a highly anticipated video game. After it released fans quickly turned away from it. At launch the game was full of glitches, errors, there wasn’t that much to do, and it was made from a dated engine. It will improve over time but its launch will always be remembered as a tremendous failure.
4. Star Wars Battlefront II – This game shows that it is possible to be too greedy. The microtransactions in this game are horrible. Battlefront II also had a weak multiplayer game with a boring single-player campaign. The microtransactions were the biggest disappointment of all. Most of the content in Battlefront II was hidden behind a thick paywall. For example, it cost $60 to unlock Darth Vader or 40 hours of gameplay which is crazy.
5. Assassin’s Creed Unity – This game was full of horrible bugs and glitches when it launched. It had clunky movement, terrible optimization, bad button mapping, and a horrible camera. Millions of dollars were put into this game, and it was all a waste.
6. Mass Effect Andromeda – This game had the same problem as many other games on this list. It had horrible glitches, bugs, and errors. The main problem with this game though was the facial animations. It was quite ironic since the main point of the game was the amazing face and facial animations. In reality, the faces looked horrible, and the expressions they made were awkward and cringy.
7. Anthem – The game was a wreck with a lot of missing features, buggy cutscenes, broken matchmaking and connection errors throughout its early access launch. Other than that, the fighting and gameplay were not that bad. The real problem was the lack of content the game had at day one.
8. Watch Dogs – The concept of being able to hack anything in a city sounds pretty amazing, but the execution for this game was terrible. The story was pretty bad, the driving was terrible, and it was known as a GTA rip-off.
9. Evolve – This game was over-hyped when it was released. It’s just like any other game on this list. On release, it had over 150 dollars on in-game content, which was not even good content. Each match had repetitive gameplay and players got easily bored and frustrated. In about a couple of months the game was dead, and if you actually bought the game, good luck trying to find a match since no one else is to be found playing it.
10. The Order: 1886 – This game was heavily criticized for the short story, which could be beaten in an afternoon sitting. There was barely any multiplayer or any collectibles. This game was quickly forgotten once players beat the story.