Big Families Bring Big Problems

Holidays can be a time for relaxation and fun, but for students with bigger families, it can be anything but that. 

Having so many people in one place for the holidays gets so stressful, but it’s okay because it means more presents,” Braxton Thompson, sophomore, said. 

Big families can be great, but they can make it hard to relax and it seems like there is always something else to be done. It can be really hard around the holidays, it seems that there are always messes to be cleaned, lights to be turned off, or dishes to be washed. 

“There is no room to eat,” Arianna Green, junior, said. 

All families have their ups and downs, and having so much family around can really highlight those downs. Even though having family around can get tiring, in the end, there is no better way to spend the holidays than with the people you love.