Tigers Victorious Over Okeene Whippets

For the first game of the season, the Canton Tigers traveled to Okeene. At the start of the game, Josh Edwards jumped for the Tigers. On the first jump, both the Tigers and Whippets were unable to get the ball. On the second jump, the Whippets won the jump. The Tigers started on defense, getting a rebound from a failed three-point shot. The Tigers made a fast break, scoring the first points of the game. The Tigers were repeatedly able to steal the ball from the Whippets, however, were unable to make all their fast breaks.

In the second quarter, the Tigers started on offense. The Tigers ran a high-low play, with the Tigers passing the ball looking for an opening in the defense. After a few failed attempts at scoring, the Tigers started to pass the ball inside the paint, and make a jump-shot. On defense, the Tigers were able to stop the Whippets from driving. The Tigers also kept the Whippets from passing the ball to the post. After the first half, the score was 18 to 21, with the Tigers up.

After half-time, the Tigers started on offense. The Tigers tried running their plays, however, the Whippets’ managed to steal the ball, and make a fast break. On offense, the Tigers kept going in to score jump-shots and lay-ups, with the Tigers’ defense holding against the Whippets. The Tigers and Whippets then started to get in a few arguments, with the Whippets losing one of their starters due to an intentional foul. The referees issued warnings to the teams at the end of the third quarter.

The Tigers started on defense in the fourth quarter, with the Tigers getting into foul trouble. However, the Tigers still managed to stop the Whippets from driving but were unable to stop them from shooting three-pointers. On offense, the Tigers ran their offense, trying to slow the game down and draw fouls. However, the Tigers and Whippets kept getting into small arguments over calls. The Tigers still held the ball on offense, trying to waste time on the clock and slow the game down. The Tigers remained on offense for the final minutes of the final quarter.

The final score for the game was the Canton Tigers 43 and the Okeene Whippets 35. The Tigers’ next game will be on Friday, December 6.