Rise of The Clutter

I walk into Mrs. B’s room and plop down onto my chair. I look down at the clutter of sticky notes and papers scattered all over the computer desk. It takes all I have not to grab the sticky notes and throw them away. Clutter makes me twitchy, especially when it’s in a small space like a desk. I will be so happy to finally be able to throw the sticky notes in a shredder when the school year ends. Do you hear that Alicia? I am going to shred your sticky notes when it’s all said and done. 

Another thing that bothers me is people who clean their whole house because someone is coming over. If someone is coming over, the house does not need to be cleaned to the point where it looks like no one lives there. I can understand putting away junk, but putting everything in a closet is ridiculous. 

 My own room clutter bothers me. My room clutter takes a few weeks to sink in that everything is messy and needs to be cleaned. When it does sink in, the whole room gets cleaned. Then within a few days, my room is back to filthy. It’s an endless cycle.

 Out of all the different types of clutter, car clutter is my favorite. On a long car ride, I find ways to keep entertained by looking through the seat pouch. I usually find random gum sticks or old papers.