Five Different Ways To Wrap A Present

1. The Prestige Present.  

This present is a beautifully wrapped present, with no rough edges or no tears in the wrapping paper. It takes many years to accomplish this type of wrapping skills.  However, when the present looks like Martha Stewart wrapped it, the present itself better be able to live up to the wrapping. Ain’t no sock in this box!!

2. The Needs Improvement  

This present is definitely not the best-wrapped present, with some rough edges or minor rips. Then again it is the thought that counts, or so they say.  This one always comes through. That basically top-shelf present just got even better, because it blew the wrapping job away.

3. Baggin’ It Up 

This might be one of the easiest ways to wrap a present. It is simple but still a classic and never goes out of style. This one is always an acceptable wrapping option for “busy men”.

4. The Store-Bought Box 

With its beautiful multicolor ribbons and fancy details, this is definitely too good to be hand-wrapped. Even though it might now always be original, it never fails to bring in the wow factor. Watch these boxes circulate through the family for years to come up to the point that “the box” becomes a family tradition.

5. Contents Disguised (barely) 

This eye-catching present is always “eye-catching” becomes it radiates, “Hey, at least I bought you a present.” This gift, lovingly placed beneath the tree, usually on Christmas morning, is always a great one in its Wal Mart sack, trash bag, or sack from the store where the gift was bought.