Death Stranding Leaves Much to be Desired


Sam Porter Bridges (Norman Reedus) is a post-apocalyptic postman with a ghost detecting baby strapped to his chest named BB. Sam has to reconnect the fractured society by a sequence of delivery jobs from one city to another, earning the trust of their citizens, and bringing them back on to the government’s network as he makes his way across the United States.

There was a horrible event that only left a small amount of humanity to survive, called the Death Stranding. Since this event, wildlife has been wiped out and rain has been transported into “Timefall.” Timefall is a deadly form of precipitation that instantly ages everything it touches. Within each of these downfalls are the BTs, which are paranormal entities who prey on survivors.

At the beginning of the game, Sam’s motorcycle is destroyed in an accident. After that, the player ends up walking a lot at the beginning of the game. At first, the game is pretty enjoyable since the world is full of detail and is fun to explore. After a while, this does get really boring and the developers knew this because sometimes the music would start playing to go along with the gameplay.

I have about 40 hours of playing this game and about five to ten hours of those hours were spent walking from point A to point B. I’m pretty sure I’m not even halfway through the game too.

Encountering my first BTs was pretty fun but scary since these creatures surrounded me and tried to drag me into the ground. After a while, BTs can get annoying since they are easy to fend off and they only make delivering cargo harder which is already time-consuming.

Basically the entire game the player delivers cargo from point A to point B and if he takes on sidequests as I did, he will deliver cargo from point B to point A. Players will need a lot of patience with this game

In GTA V and Red Dead Redemption 2, the characters can carry endless amounts of items with no repercussions, but in this game, each cargo and container is physically shown being carried by Sam. Depending on how heavy they are, it can make traveling for Sam way harder.

Another thing about this game is that it is really confusing. The game does not tell the player why anything is what. It just throws him right into the middle and tasks them with traveling across the United States. When a human dies in this game, he creates a huge explosion which creates a huge creator which is not explained any further. A character can teleport anywhere and is not explained why. The mechanics and creatures in this game are not explained well at all.

Overall Death Stranding is an okay game. It has an amazing world of supernatural sci-fi, but its actual gameplay can get really boring and really confusing at times.