Canton Choir Performs Little Women Play

Canton High school Choir is performed A Little Women Merry Christmas at the grand theater on Sunday, December 15 at 3:30. 

A Little Women Merry Christmas was written by Allan Knee in the year 1868. The student performance Sunday was directed by Allison Clark, Canton High School vocal music teacher. The musical featured 22 junior high and high school students, cast as following:

Josephine March (Jo)  – Alicia Luna 

Amy March – Abby Smith

Beth March – Giselle Sleeper  

Meg March – Brianna Ross

Marmee March – Larissa Webb

Theodore Laurence (Laurie) – Brooks Martin

Mr. March – Eric Estala

Aunt March – Lea Vowell 

Hannah – Carlie Smith

Mr. Laurence – Garrett Stephens

Mrs. Hummel – Zayda Sherwood

Hummel Children – Jake Foster, Jay Ashley, Emma Redhat, Sariah Vargas, Haleigh Sutton

Carolers – Devon Reilly, LaStarza Fourhorns, Nakia Fourhorns, Madison Janda 

Soloist – Aaliyah Hough, Garrett Stephens, Zayda Fourhorns

“The set and the music were good, and it was really good overall”, Penny Heath, high school teacher, said. 

“I mean it’s pretty good for the first time we have ever done a play. I mean some of us didn’t really practice all their lines, but I mean other than that we still did pretty good especially since we’ve never done that before, Brooks Martin, junior, said.