Terriers Bite Tigers


For the eighth game of the season, the Tigers traveled to Thomas to play the Terriers. At the start of the game, the Terriers won the jump. On defense, the Tigers tried to stop the Terriers’ post. However, the Terriers scored the first points. On offense, the Tigers ran their offense, scoring a jump shot.
In the second quarter, the Terriers started with the ball. On defense, the Tigers managed to stop the Terriers’ post, but were unable to stop the Terriers from shooting three-pointers. On offense, the Tigers moved the ball, looking for opening. However after a few passes the Terriers stole the ball and made layup.
After half-time, the Tigers started with the ball. On offense, the Tigers kept looking for opening, and after a few passes they managed to score a jump shot. On defense, the Tigers stopped the Terriers and stole the ball, making a layup
In the final quarter, the Tigers started on defense. The Tigers were able to stop the Terriers from scoring, but after a few possessions, the Terriers slowly started to gain points. On offense, the Tigers drove through the Terriers defense, trying to catch up to the Terriers.
The final score of the game was the Canton Tigers 46 and the Thomas Terriers 66.