Australia Is Burning

The wildfires in Australia started in September 2019, and have continued to destroy the continent into 2020. The fires started in Queensland and New South Wales. The majority of Australia’s southeast coast has been burned. 

More than 24 people have been killed in the fires, and over 2,000 Australian homes have been decimated since September. According to the University of Sydney, an estimated 480 million animals have perished in New South Wales alone. 

Since November, there have been 24 arrests for the starting of fires, and 103 facing legal action. Because of not complying with the fire bans, 53 more are facing legal action, and 47 for dropping lit cigarettes. Starting an uncontrollable fire can result in up to 21 years in prison.

Many people are doing what they can to help with the cause by donating money or supplies. Chris Hemsworth has donated 1 million dollars and Pink, Nicole Kidman, and Kieth Urban have each donated 500 thousand dollars. 

While the fires have been contained in some areas, they continue to burn out of control in others.