Holes on Holes on Holes


Trypophobia is the fear of small clusters of holes. The most common symptoms are sweating, shaking, nausea, and overall discomfort. I personally don’t mind small holes but mango worms give me the creeps. Mango worms are small worms that usually bury themselves in animals like dogs and cats. There are videos on YouTube about people squeezing mango worms out of dogs and cats. The worms lay on the surgical tray and wiggle around. The worms leave behind holes in the animals’ skin and it’s truly cringe-worthy.
Beehives, dry sponges, rain droplets, lotus seed heads are all things that can trigger this unholy phobia, pun intended. This fear can cause mild discomfort or full-on terror. Some people will refuse to drive when it rains because the rain on the windshield looks like holes.
Beehives are a little creepy though. Bees will crawl in and out of the holes all day long and it’s unnerving to watch. Sea Sponges are my second favorite sea creatures, starfish comes first. Sea Sponges have a collection of clustered holes all over them. I feel like the fear could be linked to the fact that animals and bugs hide in holes and usually humans fear the unknown.
There are tests on the internet on how to tell if someone has trypophobia. Just look at objects that have clusters of holes. Do you feel creeped out or disgusted? If you answered yes, you might have trypophobia.