The Greatness of Stephen King

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Stephen King’s books are some of the greatest things ever created. Stephen King is a novelist who will not stop writing books, even at the retirable age of 72. King’s books will be kept alive long after he passes, thanks to readers like me.
1. Constant reader
If you flip through a Stephen King book to the author’s note, King calls the people who read his books ‘constant reader’. There are only two ways to read a Stephen King book. Either you read all of his books and be a constant reader, or read one book and never read his books again.
2. The weaponry
Stephen King has some of the greatest weapons in his novels and movies. My all-time personal favorite, The Happy Slapper. The Happy Slapper is a sock filled with ball bearings that is introduced in Mr. Mercedes. The other weapon called The Peacemaker, a baseball bat owned by a bartender, is used in Silver Bullet.
3. His writing gets better.
Some of the old Stephen King books have stupid endings that seem like he got tired of writing the book and slapped down an ending to be done with it. In Under The Dome, the ending was cruddy. The dome was put down by aliens, the whole greatness of the book was ruined by the classic alien attack. One of his newest books, Institution, has an ending that’s worth reading the book for.
4. King is the master of writing stuff no one should write.
If anyone has ever read the whole It novel, they would see what I am talking about. There are some things that a grown man should not include in a novel about underage kids. Now everyone who reads this is going to want to read the book and find out what I am talking about.