10 Problems Millennials Face

Millennials face a lot of problems. Most of the problems they face have to do with technology. 

1. Losing their phone

Millennials depend on their phones for everything. Their phones have contacts, gps, password and everything else. When a millennial is out somewhere and their phone dies, they don’t know how to act. They think they need to be on their phone all the time.

2. Starting up a conversation 

Some millennials don’t even know how to start up a conversation because they are on their phone too much. Most millennials ask, “Wyd?,” which means, “What are you doing?”, but when they are with each other hanging out they don’t know how to start a conversation because they can’t ask, “wyd?

3. They believe everything on the internet. 

Some millennials are so gullible and they believe everything they see on the internet.  They think that just because a famous person says something it has to be true. Millennials don’t want to do research to find out if something is true or not. 

4. Body image 

Society nowadays makes people think that they have to have the perfect body to be pretty. Because of this there are some people who starve themselves to make them feel like they fit in.

 5. Houses are more expensive.

Houses now are a lot more than they used to be. According to Business Insider, millennials will pay 35% more than baby boomers did for their first home. Also, the value of homes as gone up 73% since the 1960s. 

6. College debt 

College is much more expensive than it used to be. College debt is now at 1.3 trillion dollars. Four year college has increased 68%. Fewer people attend college because of how expensive it is now. 

7. Getting a job 

Youth unemployment is a lot higher than it used to be. Some millennials still rely on their parents or guardian to give them money, which makes them think they don’t need a job. Furthermore with this generation, there are a lot of people who are lazy and don’t want to get up and do anything because they are addicted to their phones, and they have never been made to get out and do anything.

8. Social Media 

Social media has millions of people on it. When someone posts a picture they often care too much about what other people think. People will photoshop their pictures because they think they look better photoshopped. 

9. Nicotine 

Nicotine addiction grips this generation, and people vape all the time. Even though they think they won’t get addicted, they will. Some people just like blowing the smoke out of their mouths, but little do they know, they will get addicted sometime in their life. 

10.  Kids going to school 

There are a lot of school shootings nowadays in school. School is a lot different for students now than it was before. If a parent sends their kid off to school, there is a possibility that there could be a shooting. There have been 180 school shootings in the past 10 years.