Wrestling is a Diabolical Sport

“AAA” by thetortmaster is licensed under CC BY 2.0 √

Wrestling is a disgusting school sport. No one can or ever will be able to change my mind. Who decided that underage boys would be slamming their sweaty bodies wearing skin-tight leotards together?
The wrestling outfit is nasty. Nobody needs to see skin-tight leotards that show every bump and crevice on underage boys who are wiggling around while adults watch for amusement. Now, we are on the same page on what school wrestling is.
I don’t know why school wrestling teams can’t wear something less revealing. Why can’t they wear shorts? Why can’t they wear a less tight wrestling outfit? Why does the wrestling uniform have to be a leotard? I think they should do what professional wrestlers do, and wear shorts.
Another question I have is why do they have grown people watching? If you are not a parent watching your child wrestle, then why are you even there? It is very creepy for a random adult to watch underage students flop around getting sweaty.
I do understand that wrestling is a fun way to get exercise, but there is a thin line between okay and not okay. Professional wrestling is just barely passing into the okay side. The only reason professional wrestling passes is that someone ends up looking dead before the match is over.
Wrestling involves a lot of exercise and quick thinking, making it a demanding sport. Students have to grapple and grab what they can to pin down their opponent.
Watching a few seconds of videos on school wrestling teams make me want to die. Anyone watching can see the sweat rolling off the wrestlers as they grunt and groan. Heads and hands go places that shouldn’t be allowed. To make it all worse, the uniforms are basically a women’s’ one-piece bathing suit. The official name for the wrestling uniform is unitard. The name itself sounds revolting. Shall we mention the different types of fungus that live in the wrestling mat? I heard stories of students getting ringworm while wrestling that I soooooooooo wish I could unhear. Ugh.