Today’s Turning Trend

A new game has arrived on the app store that people are going crazy for. This game has taken over the spare time of many students. The game is called Woodturning and students are going crazy for it. 

“I play it because it is interesting and I have nothing better to do with my time,” Jake Sinclair, junior, said. 

The point of the game is to cut whatever image appears into a piece of wood and make it as close to the image as possible. After carving the image, the player has to sand the wood down. Finally, the player gets to spray paint whatever they cut out, however they like. After cutting, sanding, and painting the object, the object is graded on how accurately it looks to what it is supposed to be. The player then sells the item for in-game currency. 

The game, while sounding simple, can be difficult. Trying to cut an image out of wood takes a long time and a very steady hand.

“It is a good time killer, but it’s hard because you have to keep your hands steady,” Levi Shaw, junior, said.

This game may not be the perfect game for everyone, but some students still play it just to waste some time.

“I play it because there are not any better games to play,”  Weston Waldrep, junior, said.