Mercedes Commercial Leaves Viewers With Questions

Commercials can get on viewers’ nerves. There are commercials viewers love. The worst are those commercials that just make us ask, what on earth is going on here. This Mercedes Benz commercial is one of those. Here are a few more questions I had after I watched it.

1. How did the husband not hear anything?
2. What is even happening here?
3. Why didn’t he help her?
4. Why did she just hit that thing with a broom, knowing that it can just take the broom out of her hands?
5. I wonder what she heard right before it threw that chair?
6. Why didn’t she call the husband’s name so he could come help?
7. Does she look like a different person at the end than from the beginning?
8. What is that thing that attacked her?
9. Where did that thing come from?
10. Why is hubby just now shaving while wearing a good shirt?
11. Where is he going?
12. How did she take down that big old thing by herself?
13. Why did the beast back out like that?
14. How did she not know he was right behind her?
15. How did he not see that the house was messy right before coming to the car?
16. Who’s going to have to clean the mess up?
17. Why is he so calm about everything?
18. Why isn’t she mad at him for not helping?
19. The commercial looks kind of really fake, the monster looks really fake.
20. How did he forget to lock the car if he knows that something would come out of his car?