Meet Alyse Whiteman


Kianna Whiteman

Alyse Whiteman is an 8th grader at Canton High School. Alyse was born in Montana, on November 15, 2005.
Alyse then moved to Seiling, Oklahoma lived there for seven years, then moved to Canton. Alyse lives with five of her eight sisters and her mom and dad.
Alyse is a starting point guard on the junior high basketball team this year. She is also in track. Her favorite sport is basketball because she likes that she and her teammates share an unbreakable bond and they work together.
As soon as Alyse is out of high school, she wants to become a doctor because they make a lot of money.
Alyse’s favorite subject is reading class because the teacher is really funny, If Alyse could get rid of one subject it would be math because it is hard.
Alyse’s favorite movie is Miracle Season because it is inspiring to her and it is funny,
When Alyse is not in school, she likes to hang out with her friends or either just chill at home.