Pride of a Juggalette


If you have ever read some of my music articles, then you are well aware that I despise new music, and I am a juggalette. For those of you who are scratching your head and questioning what that is, it’s a female fan of horrorcore. That’s the official definition, but it is so much more than that. Horrorcore is a genre of music that generally touches on subjects such as murder. 

Many juggalettes and juggalos, a male fan of horrorcore, will explain that being a juggalo simply means that they are down to helping other juggalos or juggalettes whenever they can. I also would love to point out that juggalos are not a gang. Some juggalos may be in a gang, but the whole term of a juggalo is not a gang. 

I personally love being a juggalette. I love walking around and wearing my hatchet man and seeing people nod and acknowledge that we are in a family together. Some people will think what I am writing about is a waste of time and it is creepy for me to call strangers my family. When I mean family, I don’t mean blood family where we all gather for the holidays, but we do have a thing called the gathering of the juggalos every year. 

Everyone feels like they belong somewhere and some people will never understand how I feel. People will always think this is a phase, and who knows? It could be a phase, but still, I love and feel pride for my juggalo family. 

I have always loved the circus and carnival rides, I think that was a big influence on how I turned out so far. It probably doesn’t help that I grew up on rock music and watched Alice Cooper do wild stunts in his concerts. 

I love watching music videos of Twiztid and Insane Clown Posse. I love watching them rap while wearing face paint and doing things that many music artists wouldn’t dare do for fear of being rejected or put down. 

Every person who has felt like they have found where they belong will also tell you that they have a few dislikes for the group they feel like they belong in, I am no exception. My whole rant on what irritates me about the juggalos is for another time though.