A Crash to Remember


Riding around on 4-wheelers is fun but also dangerous. This weekend, Jayden and I were riding it and I let her drive. In hindsight that was a horrible idea considering she had never done it before. I have been riding 4-wheelers since I can really remember, and the photos of me driving kid-size 4-wheelers can prove it. Letting a beginner drive with me on the back was a bad idea from the start, and it turned into an even worse idea when we crashed it. All I can remember is going down the STRAIGHT path then the whole thing started to lean. Everything went black, and when I opened my eyes a few seconds later I was laying on my right side. I remember watching the extremely sharp edge of the metal basket on the back start falling closer and closer to my legs. At that moment, I had a vision of Jayden and me sporting matching wheelchairs. 

I started screaming. I am not ashamed to admit that. It’s a good thing that I started screaming because I watched Jayden’s leg fly up and stop it from crushing both of us. As soon as I was sure it wasn’t going to roll further, I pushed my leg up and tipped it over on its side. 

Jayden and I got up and started laughing. We were so close to playing bumper cars with our wheelchairs. 

My dad ran over and asked what we were doing to crash it, and it’s a little hard to explain when we could find no reason for our crash. Long story short, my dad was mad. We ended up making something leak. It didn’t bother Jayden and me, because we could have had serious injuries and he was mad about the old 4-wheeler we’ve had since I was around 9. 

At that moment the adrenaline was still flowing, so we started walking back up to the house. I sat down and started to look for bruises, and my knee has a few broken blood vessels. Jayden ended up hitting her head, and I seemed to be fine at the time. The next day we woke up and everything hurt. I keep finding new bruises, and this happened on Saturday. I have bruises on my right knee, my right elbow, and my right shoulder hurts to move it too far backward or forward. 

I am glad that we crashed where we did because cement or gravel would have hurt worse and probably given us worse injuries.