Jobs That Will Make You Question Your Future


Gordon McKinlay

"Slip Sliding Away" by Gordon McKinlay is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

In this day and age not all jobs require a college degree. There are some jobs that require little talent but still pay well. These are ten unusual jobs that will make you question life.

1. Full time Netflix Viewer
Netflix pays employees to watch movies and shows before they are uploaded on their website. The employees sit and binge watch every single movie or show all day.
“I think it would be interesting to see shows that come on Netflix before anybody else.” Jacob Rutz, freshman, said.

2. Professional Pusher
Japan has over 126 million people living there. Thousands of people take the subway, and they all try to fit into a train. Now Japan has employed people to push others onto the train and cram every single person they can.

3. Professional Line-Stander
Professional line-stander sounds boring until you see how much they get paid. Professional line-standers get paid $1,000 a week. They stand there to build up hype and to make people want to see what is going on prior to a sale.

4. Water Slide Tester
A water slide tester is pretty much what it sounds like. Water parks pay employees to test a water slide before it is public for people to use.
“I think it would be cool, it would be really dangerous, but fun.” Courtney Thompson, senior, said.

5. Bed Warmer
This job sounds like what it is. People pay other people to get in their bed and warm it up for them before they go to bed. A bed warmer can make up to $200,000.

6. Snake Milker
A snake milker extracts the venom from snakes and put it in jars. The venom is used for anti-venoms and other types of medicines.

7. Paint Watcher
This job pays someone to sit and watch paint dry. They do this to see how long it takes the paint to dry and to see the different textures the paint has on a wall or anything it’s on.

8. Dog Food Taster
The dog food taster gets paid to taste dog food to see the flavors and textures of the dog food. They do this to make sure the dog likes dog food more than human food and any other dog food brands.

9. Paper Towel Sniffer
A paper towel sniffer sniffs the paper towels to make sure they smell good enough for customers to buy more. The strange thing is though, no one needs to sniff the thing they are going to clean with.
“I think it would be lit (being a paper towel sniffer).” Will Blood, freshman, said.

10. Face Feeler
Face feelers work for companies that make face products. The face feelers see if there are any improvements that the product make to the face.