Prom Trends 2020


Since there are only a couple of months of school left, that means prom is coming. Proms usually start in the months of February to May. Some guys and girls have no idea what color of dress to wear or what tux to buy. Here are some prom 2020 trends to help you pick out your perfect outfit.

For girls, 

1. The Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are for girls who don’t like wearing big poofy dresses. A jumpsuit is a one-piece garment with sleeves and legs or they can be a spaghetti strap. Jumpsuits can vary in different colors and styles. 

2. Red carpet dresses

Red carpet dresses are for celebrities to wear to special occasions. Usually, red carpet dresses are specially made for celebs to have their own unique look. This doesn’t mean you have to go have your own dress made but there are some dresses that you can get at a dress or bridal shop. 

3. The Classic Ball Gown 

If you don’t really vibe with a tight fitted dress, then the ball gown dress is perfect for you. Ballgown dresses are to fit your upper chest, then flow out from the rest of your body. Ballgown dresses come in different colors and styles. 

4. Metallic Colored

Metallic dresses can come in short, long, ballgown, and also tight fitted dresses. You can find metallic dresses in many colors. Metallic prom dresses can be worn with simple accessories in black, white or nude. 

5. Sequin 

A sequin is a disk-shaped bead used for decorative purposes. Sequin dresses can be made in different colors and styles. Sequin dresses can be tight fitted or even the ballgown style. Sequin dresses are another way of being stylish but also being really comfortable. 

For guys, they can rent or order a suit or tuxedo. Guys can typically find their suit/tuxedo the same places girls can find their dresses.