Sonic The Hedgehog is Speedashingly Casual

Sonic The Hedgehog is Speedashingly Casual

As a young child, Sonic is forced to flee his homeworld because there were evil villains trying to take his super-fast power for evil. Sonic escapes to Earth and has lived in hiding in a little town called Green Hills, Montana, for about 10 years.

Sonic is isolated and alone in our world and forced to live in a cave to avoid being caught by anyone trying to take his power. While Sonic is alone, there is a local cop that everyone knows named Tom. He is really bored in this little town and wants to move to San Francisco to get some real action.

Before Tom can do this, Sonic gets really emotional from his loneliness and creates a huge electrical explosion by accident. This explosion knocks out all power across the United States. The U.S. government thinks this is an act of terrorism and decides to call in Dr. Robotnik to deal with the situation.

While Sonic breaks into Tom’s garage in an attempt to hide from Dr. Robotnik’s robots. Tom thinks a raccoon broke into his garage and grabs a tranquilizer dart gun to shoot it. Tom ends up shooting Sonic, and Sonic is not able to escape. Tom is able to keep Sonic from Dr. Robotnik’s hands by escaping in his truck. Sonic and Tom are now on the run from Dr. Robotnik and his killer robots.

The movie was overall an okay movie. It was not perfect or a masterpiece, but I’m pretty sure most people can find enjoyment out of it. This movie is mostly for kids because all the flossing Sonic does and all the constant jokes the movie has. The movie does have some funny jokes though. I feel like the sequel is going to be better since they have everything set up to be in Sonic’s world and not just the human world

I felt like the product placement was a little forced in the movie, for example, the Olive Garden conversation.

Sonic and Tom develop a bromance throughout a movie with a road trip and a bar fight. The movie only shows us Sonic’s world for like a minute. I wish the movie would have just taken place in Sonic’s world instead of the human world. It honestly did not feel like a Sonic movie because there was no music from the games. It’s just basically an alien coming to our world, and the alien just happens to be blue a hedgehog, and really fast.

I guess I’m just thankful the movie was watchable at all especially with the controversy with Sonic’s first design. Sonic The Hedgehog is an overall alright movie to watch. I am pretty sure kids will enjoy it a lot more than adults, but most adults can still find enjoyment out of it.