Prospective Cheerleaders Try Out for the 2020-21 Squads


The Canton Tiger junior high and high school cheerleading team tryout camp is  March 9-10 with tryouts on the 12. The high school students will learn the fight song, two cheers, and jumps. The junior high team will learn a dance, two cheers, and jumps. 

“I’m pretty scared to try out for the cheer team, but I hope I make it,” Alexa Delgado, 8th grader, said.

The students will be judged on smiling, overall appearance, jump height, spread of their jumps, sharpness of their motions, and loudness. They will also have teacher reviews which will help cheer coach Mrs. Thompson sort out who has bad attitudes and poor work ethic.

“I’m pretty excited about trying out again. Everytime it gets time for tryouts I always have those nerves, but for the most part I’m pretty excited,” Brianna Ross, junior, said. 

On Thursday three cheerleaders from NOC (Northern Oklahoma College) will come to Canton to judge the high school tryouts, and three cheerleaders from SWOSU (Southwestern Oklahoma State University) will judge the junior high tryouts.