Russ Album Worth Going Back and Giving a Listen

In 2017 Russ released his first album, There’s Really a Wolf. Russ has released three albums in the past three years. Russ is a different type of music artist. He writes his own music, produces his own beats, and rarely has any features on his music.

My favorite song on this album is Cherry Hill. This song really shows how high his voice can go. This song really puts me in a good mood and makes me want to hear more. The verse “Maybe I’m a fool” is the main verse of the song. The song talks about a girl Russ is in love with and how much he would do for her.

When I listen to his music it makes me happy and puts me in a good mood. His voice soothes me and makes me feel better with the high notes he can hit.

My least favorite song is The Stakeout. This is one of the rap songs on this album. This is one of the songs I do not listen to very often. The beat to the song does not catch any of my attention. It is kind of boring and sounds like any other rap song.

The songs that he tends to sings slower in are the songs I tend to like more. All together I really like this album and like Russ as a music artist.

The song I’m Here sounds a lot like The Stakeout. They are both rap songs and he definitely did not focus on them being slow like a lot of the other songs in the album.

Me You is the most upbeat song on this album. This song is a good song to bump to and vibe to. This is a song that will put anyone in a good mood. This could also be a good song to listen to if it is gameday and the team is trying to get hyped up.

The slowest song on this album would have to be Ride Slow. This song is very catchy and may put some people in their feelings. It is a vibey easy to sing along with.

Don’t Lie starts off by going slow but the when the lyrics start, it gets fast and Russ starts rapping and genuinely a good beat. This song puts me in a good mood. His voice sounds different than other rappers voices and that is what makes me like Russ so much more.

Do it Myself is also a rap song that sounds a lot like a few other songs on this album. The ending bass is my favorite part out of this song. The ending of the song sounds nice.

The song I Wanna Go Down With You is a slow starting song. As the song goes on it gets a little faster. The piano in the back makes this song sound almost like it is a ballad.

Family & Friends is a rap song but it is not like the other rap songs. This rap song is a rap song with a slower beat to it. He raps a little slower and in my opinion it makes the song better.

The song What They Want is a medium paced rap song. This song is a good song is a good rap song. A lot of parts in the song it gets slower and then speeds up but keeps the same speed throughout. Overall this is one of my favorite songs on the album.

Got This is a rap song that sounds like most of the others on this album. The beat is the same in this rap song as it is in the song The Stakeout.

No Turning Back is a good song. This song is talking about how his music career took off. He is talking about rap songs and he says there is no turning back from where he is now.

Losin Control is easily one of my favorite songs on this album. The beat just flows in the back while he is singing. This song is about a girl falling in love and getting heartbroken.

The song Willy Wonka has the most original beat and sound on this album. This song is so much different than every other song on this album. This is one of the few songs with a feature in Russ’s music. This song features Paulina and Jafe.

Pull The Trigger is a mix between a singing song and a rap song. This is a good song and I like listening to it. It is definitely in the top five of my favorites.

Psycho is a song I listen to a lot on this album. It has a really good beat to it and his voice in this song puts me in a good mood.

Scared is another slow song on this album. It has a good beat in the back but the words he is saying are slow and on beat. He is telling a story with his words when he is singing in this song.

Back To You is a slow song moving into a rap song. This is a song that people can relate to just by looking at the title of it. The title of the song can mean many things.

One More Shot starts off with a kind of tropical beat and sounds like a spanish song. This song is about a girl falling for him rather than over another guy.

Emergency is a song about his life and about the responsibility he had at such a young age. He also talks about where he is in life now.

MVP is also a song about his life. He talks about his mom at the beginning of the rap verse. He talks about how he went to college and dropped out and that is when his music career took off.

Exposed starts off with typing sounds and this song is a rap song. Most songs on this album start off with singing slow and stay that way or they are just a rap song all throughout. This song gives off Eminem vibes.

Aint Nobody Taking My Baby, is a slow rap song. He talks about a girl he liked. He sings about getting an arguments and stuff but still staying strong with her.

The song For The Stunt is a song about people hating on his music and hating on him but him still performing and creating music for his fans. How he does not care what they think.

Manifest is a tropical song. Russ sings about the money he is making now. He also sings about how his life is now that he has pursued the career he wants. He sings parts about when he was a kid and himself now.