Technology and Student Apathy Add to the Problem of Academic Dishonesty

Why Students Feel The Need to Cheat

Will McIntosh, Reporter

Students cheat in school for various reasons and in different ways. Students want to get the best grade in school so that they can pass school or make parents proud of them. Students might cheat because they have no time to do their work. Athletes especially have less time to do their homework when they have practice right after school. “I usually do my homework the next day in the morning because...

Students and Teachers Discuss Cheating

Two Peas in a Podcast
Academic Dishonesty is a Slippery Slope for Many

Top 10 Ways Students Cheat

1. Apple Watch Some students use their Apple watches to cheat. They can write notes and scroll through them on the watch. They can also put the answer sheet as their wallpaper. 2. Google Share Students can share Google documents on their Chromebooks and type the answers back and forth. Then other students on the document can see and make a good grade. 3. Hand-dini Students write the answers on ...

Inside the Mind of a Master Cheater

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