Why Students Feel The Need to Cheat

Students cheat in school for various reasons and in different ways. Students want to get the best grade in school so that they can pass school or make parents proud of them.
Students might cheat because they have no time to do their work. Athletes especially have less time to do their homework when they have practice right after school.
“I usually do my homework the next day in the morning because of practice and game days,” Hunter Hood, sophomore said.
Students have other things to do outside of school, such as working or responsibilities at home. Some people do not have time for homework and the only option they have to pass some classes is to cheat. Students also have many other classes to do work in.
Students can become stressed out and forget that they had homework.
“Some people are just stupid,” Kaghan Baker, freshman said.
Some other students, on the other hand, cheat because they just do not want to do the work. Those students might think that they have better things to do rather than do homework. These students simply get lost in social media or binge watching and choose not to do their work.
“Students prioritize playing Fortnite instead of doing their school work, then come to class with the old, I forgot my book excuse,” Mrs. Keefer, teacher said.

I usually do my homework the next day in the morning because of practice and game days”

— Hunter Hood

Students might also want to cheat to get a good grade on an assignment so that their parents are proud of them. Many parents these days want their kids to do well in school. That puts stress on students to make the best grade possible. This pressure leads to less confident students cheating.

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